ACE eScrap Solutions offers complete and comprehensive electronic scrap recycling an end-of-life processing services. Our state-of-the-art capabilities allow us to service the recycling needs of government and corporate entities, while also providing service to small businesses. Utilizing both manual and automated methods, ACE eScrap Solutions processes and recovers commodity material from end of life electronics as well as managing any hazardous components. These processes are audited and verified to ensure necessary safety measures are in place to protect our team members and the environment.

Our shredding capabilities allow for total destruction and 
recycling of your materials. Utilizing multiple sortation technologies, ACE eScrap Solutions is capable of segregating the various types of ferrous, non-ferrous, plastics, and precious metal components from recycled electronics. Additionally, our shredder is capable of shredding other products that our clients need destroyed.

ACE eScrap Solutions has established relationships with the largest and most reputable Refineries and Smelters from all over the world allowing us to offer competitive refining contracts backed by fair assays. Our global logistics capabilities allow us to offer comprehensive refining solutions for precious metals recovery from recycled circuit boards and other precious metals
bearing materials.

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