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Centrally located in Lenexa, KS, Adams manages multiple insure, secure warehouses spanning over 140,600 square feet with the agility to expand and contract our footprint as needed to accommodate our customer's e-scrap disposition, warehousing or consignment needs saving them time, space, and most importantly, money.

Maximizing cost recovery from disposed assets in a responsible, compliant fashion is important to many organizations in our industry. Especially now, when the landscape of e-waste is in the forefront of many legislative minds. Adams Cable Equipment understands this goal and is uniquely equipped to ensure that your equipment disposal process ensures realistic returns, simplicity, reliability, diminished liability, and the continued high quality service you've come to count on.

Since 1998, Adams Cable Equipment has taken pride in being a trusted partner to many of the leading industry manufacturers, cable systems, internet service providers, and other telecommunications companies around the world. A woman owned business, we offer a massive selection of products including head end, set tops, line gear, modems, routers, remotes and much more.

We also offer our "Screen and Clean" service allowing you to rapidly turn your field pull equipment into usable product quickly and cost effectively. Units will be tested, cleaned and kitted for redeployment to your customers.


Since our purchase of Adams Global in 2014, we have continued to hone our production efficiencies and grow revenue. in addition, our markets are expanding to include North and South America, Caribbean, five European countries, and four Asian countries. We are global.

Although Adams has carried an ISO 9001 since 2012, we set and achieved our 2017 goal of meeting the rigorous requirements for R2, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

These certifications demonstrate our...

  • Commitment to sound environmental practices, data security, legal e-waste disposal, and dedication to the reuse-recycle philosophy.

  • Compliance with all statutory and regulatory environment requirements.

  • Dedication to worker health safety.

  • Promise of high quality and service as well as an emphasis on continuous improvement in the areas of efficiency and product excellence.

Whether you are upgrading or maintaining your system, our product, price, and customer centric, knowledgeable staff can provide the service you deserve.

Please let us know how we can assist you.

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