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Since 1998, Adams Cable Equipment has taken pride in being a trusted partner to our clients around the world. A woman-owned business, we specialize in innovative life cycle solutions of electronics and have experience working with clients in all market segments, from small businesses to government agencies and Fortune 100 companies.

We offer a large selection of products including head end, set tops, line gear, modems, routers,
IT hardware, remotes, and much more.






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Unsecured data is a major vulnerability to a brand. A single breach can have serious consequences not only in dollars, but an organization’s reputation. A company’s computer recycling plan must consider protection against various types of threats, as well as compliance with existing state and federal regulations. Hard drive destruction, data destruction, computer recycling, and electronic recycling done right here in Kansas City. Our safe, certified approach is vetted by third party auditors and covered by our million-dollar insurance policy. 

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